Look Great Going Out And Save With A SheIn.com Promo Code

SheIn.com is an exclusive platform where women from all over the world can spend precious hours and buy their favorite clothes at really good prices. This is the best place for women who want to give themselves the treat they deserve and check out the latest styles available on the market.

This platform comes with a very user friendly design. Selecting the right item for you is a breeze thanks to the navigation pane at the top. When scrolling down, the pane remains on top and can be accessed at any time. The images are large, and the selection is made easy by the large font used to select the size, the pattern and the quantity.

What does Shein Sell?

Shein is an e-store that sells only product for adult women. On the platform (http://www.shein.com), you can find a huge collection of blouses, tops, dresses, bottoms, lingerie, plus size clothes, skirts, pants, swimwear, blazers, shoes and accessories. You can also buy bags, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, keychains, hats and beautiful scarves.

Every single item has its own unique personality and offers the guarantee of satisfaction. What will surprise you is the wide variety of discounts and extremely low prices. You can basically dress with less than $100, and that includes shoes and underwear.

When shopping on the platform, get ready to be blown off by the gorgeous styles and great prices.

Why do Women Shop on Shein.com?

For starters, women love to shop on this platform because it is quite large. Their selection of clothes is immense. Instead of wasting hours at the mall, women prefer to better spend their time in front of their laptops and create the best outfits for them.

The second reason women shop on Shein is because of the wide range of deals and great prices. Where else can you purchase a tied neck floral blouse made of the highest quality polyester for only $19? Or get those gorgeous red stilettos made of PU leather for only $36?

Shein literally stands high above the competition by enabling women to enjoy a real shopping experience and by providing them with a wide range of clothing items and accessories.

What Are SheIn’s Popular Products?

Shein has several unique sections. You can dive into the “Trends” section and discover the most extravagant items, or go to the “Exclusive” section and buy gorgeous items that you can’t find anywhere else. However, the most popular section on the site is the “Sale”. Here women can benefit of their favorite shein coupon code and get items of up to 80% off the original price.

What are People Saying About SheIn.com on Social Media?

If you want to buy your gorgeous dress, blouse, shoes or any other clothing item or accessory at a reduced price, you can now get 25% Off SheIn Coupon Codes | Top March, 2018 Deals with code VCA5.

Shein is very popular on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their fans are continually sharing their posts and discussing the latest flash sales on the site. Women are ecstatic about the trends and exclusive clothes available on the site.

Is Hair Removal a Sin

The Bible was written a very long time ago and so these days because of the ways in which society, technology and cultural norms have changed so radically over the centuries, we now have to interpret what we read and apply it to our modern lives, rather than take every word literally.

So does the Bible say anything about hair removal, particularly for women? Not directly no. You won’t find the answer in there because in those times it simply was not done. But now, in the western world in particular, it is convention for women to remove hair from their legs, underarms and even the bikini areas.

But is this behaviour acceptable for a Christian?

Well to answer that question perhaps you need to go back to the intention of the act. There is a passage in Leviticus 14:8-9 that deals with Leprosy which was a terrible skin condition which was unfortunately very common in those days.

The passage says that “He who is to be cleansed shall wash his clothes, shave off all his hair, and wash himself in water, that he may be clean.” So obviously in this case we are talking about cleanliness and sanitation.

One could argue that hair removal from an area such as the underarms could be considered one of cleanliness because excess hair in this region can lead to perspiration which can in turn carry an unpleasant odour and be unsightly. This is generally frowned upon in a modern workplace.

Also consider something such as surgery which did not exist when the Bible was written. If you have any kind of surgical procedure performed in a place on the body which has hair it will be shaved first. A very common example is the Cesarean Section allowing women to give birth surgically. This is most definitely a health issue and I doubt think God would disapprove under these circumstances.

But I think in many cases, hair removal is not really performed for sanity reasons but instead for vanity. Especially when you consider the number of options available now. For the bikini area alone there are several different styles in which you can have the hair shaved into and this is of course purely cosmetic.

Some may say that indulging in such acts purely for a cosmetic purpose is sinful but then where do you draw the line? Is it sinful to style one’s (head) hair in a pleasing fashion or to purchase clothes that are smart fitting?

Again, I think we have to come back to intention. If the intention of a hair cut or some clothing is to be smart and professional in order to fulfil one’s role within a job, I would think that is perfectly acceptable. But again, if these things are pursued purely out of vanity that would be un-Christian-like.

Only you can know your own motivations.

Traditional and Christian-Friendly Wedding Venues of Birmingham, Michigan

In the state of Michigan, Christian traditions are deep ingrained. There is a lot that goes into making the big an excellent day for you, and if a traditionally Christian ceremony is important to you and your intended, you can be sure to achieve just that while living in this state. In this article, we will list a few Birmingham, Michigan wedding venues that cater to those who wish for a Christian wedding, as well as a traditional one.

The first venue we will cover is the Silver Garden Events Center. This small venue is located right outside of Detroit, and has a wonderful modern feel. The Mystic Ballroom is the largest room at Shiners Silver Garden, and it has amazing sound and a professional lighting setup. The second in terms of sizing is The Grande Ballroom, which has an 18×32 foot dance floor. It can house 280 guests for dinner. A bar is also placed for you and your wedding attendees across from the lobby. The gazebo and garden is a beautiful place as well for a traditional and Christian wedding. Weather depending, you can have the tasteful and lovely outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of.

The Townsend Hotel banquet hall is also a fantastic place to host Christian nuptials. For feeding your guests during the reception, you can count on the extraordinary catering team that is available at this venue. Each culinary creation served is elaborate, as well as personal to you and your intended.

Farian’s Banquet Center is another full service facility for your consideration. The walls are made up of huge mirrors, created with an amazing design inside and out. On the outside of the building, a white wooden fence and abundant flowers provide ambiance you can use for photographs if you wish. This venue can accommodate anywhere from fifty to two hundred guests for each wedding celebration. A variety of packages are also available to meet the needs of your traditionally Christian wedding. The buffet package is a great one, including salads, entrees, and many more fantastic dishes. Advantages to booking at this location for your union include handicap accessible grounds, wireless internet, and a planning service.

5 Affiliate marketing Programs for Churches


Christian Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing has come a long way since its mid-90s’s beginnings. Back then there was only a handful of options for making money online; the best you could hope for is doing same magic in selling CD’s. But now, a full-fledged industry in its own right, affiliating encompasses just about anything with at least a fraction of sale-value, anything that has a $ mark attached to it.

Using affiliate marketing might be a little out of the box when it comes to raising funds for a church. We asked Anne Fognano a little more about how to get started, you can learn a little more about her on her Affiliate Marketing Company. “Here are five affiliate programs that would be a good fit for church groups looking to use affiliate marketing as a way to raise funds. I think that promoting any of the programs listed below would be a great way for a youth group to raise funds for a variety of projects”.

  1. FaithBoxWe all like surprises, do we not? Couple that thrill of discovery with a religious devotion of your Christian audience, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. FaithBox is a monthly subscription service created for Christians do-gooders. It is also, as the name suggests, a box, sent monthly to the company’s subscribers. And what’s in the box? Faith-related stuff, from devotionals to best-selling inspirational novels and eco-friendly toothbrushes.
  1. ShopCatholicCoin indeed has two sides with this particular Christian gift shop. On the plus side, the store is huge, selling almost anything even remotely connected to Catholicism (we’re talking Bibles, Crucifixes, Rosaries, Memorials and the like). But flip the coin and you’ll find the commission to be only 1%. But the store rarely sells one instance of a product; customers often go for the bulk buy, always a good thing for a striving affiliate.
  1. Bibles.comThey may have Bibles on sale, our previous shop, but not like these. American Bible society is behind Bibles.com, the queen shop in the realm of Scriptures. The Bible, La Biblia Sagrada, Le Bible, the holy book is available in many different languages, and can also be custom-made.
  1. Family Christian StoresAnything that an American family of faith should need can be found here: Bibles, books, apparel, Christmas presents, or items for the young ones. The wide selection of products and a good reputation are the store’s strongest suits, with the commission of up to 7%.
  1. KerussoChange your shirt, change the world!’, the company’s logo would have it. Kerusso is primarily a Christian T-shirt resource, but the store also sells jewelry, toys, drinkware and other objects of faith. The best thing about it is the commission, it’s among the best in business, 20%-25%.


5 Christian Websites You Should Know About

Christianity involves a lot of theological and biblical perspectives, some of which involves several thoughts. Christians have a calling to believe in God and live in a way that reflects the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. In order to connect and share their values, they need to have a fulfilling online presence. This is why there are several Christian websites today. The following are some of the sites that any Christian will find very useful.

1. ChristianCafe.com

ChristianCafe.com is a website that is committed to helping Christian singles find their match. It is easy to join and start browsing. All you need is to create your free profile and have the necessary details in place. The site provides an online platform through which Christian singles view profiles of each other, chat and connect. It is possible to make long-term friendship and relationships. There is a lot to explore in the site beyond friendship and romance. In the midst of living in faith and trying to also maintain an active social life, Christians normally find a challenge in meeting their soulmates.

2. Crosswalk.com

Crosswalk.com is the ultimate online destination that offers a wide variety of rich online content in order to empower Christians in their walk. It touches on several dimensions of life such as marriage, parenting, culture, church, faith, daily devotions, music, studying the bible among others. One of the ways through which the site touches peoples’ lives is by teaching them about the practical areas of life. It also helps those that are going through financial crisis or them that are poor in spirituality to overcome their challenges. Unlike other Christian sites, crosswalk also touches on fun.

Rejuvenate your Christian life by visiting crosswalk.com in order to access life-enhancing and compelling content. It touches on several life aspects that are worth considering for anyone that desires to grow in faith and live a righteous life.

3. Focusonthefamily.com

There are several controversies surrounding Christianity in the modern world setting. A family forms the most fundamental unit of the society and the whole world. When the family is destroyed, the society and the world at large are threatened. In order to help families thrive in the modern world while upholding the Christian values and firmly being rooted to the biblical principles, focusonthefamily.com provides resources and support to families. The site focuses on the family by helping couples raise their kids in a way that reflect the will and fear of God. It also offers practical resources such as counseling services and a family-help line number. The areas of major focus include parenting, marriage, challenges of life, faith, social issues, pro-life and many more.

The impact created by this site on the society cannot be ignored. In one way or another, our life is greatly influenced by the nature of our families. When the foundation of any family is established on the principles and teachings of God, then the beauty and blessings of loving God manifest in that family. This is why focusonthefamily.com should top your list of Christian websites.

4. ChristianPost.com

ChristianPost.com is a leading news publication site. Launched in 2004, the website delivers comprehensive Christian news and information across the globe without discriminating any religion. For 7 days in a week, you can always be sure to get live updates on matters involving church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, Christian leaders, schools and other general spiritual related issues.

I highly recommend this site for those that are interesting in viewing news covering national and international Christian events. The entire group affirms its faith in one eternal God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5. GotQuestions.org

It is normal to desire to get answers to certain questions in your Christian journey. Salvation is wide and touches on political, social and economic aspects of life. Therefore, you won’t have a clear understanding of all spiritual matters. This is why GotQuestions.org comes in to help Christians across the globe find answers to spiritually-related questions. The site is a volunteer ministry consisting of trained servants that are well equipped in matters relating to the understanding of God, scripture, and salvation. Whenever a Christian posts his question, the dedicated servants do a thorough research, pray and answer the question biblically. All answers are reviewed in order to ensure that the biblical and theological standards are met.

This site is very important as it plays a great role in ending the dilemma that most Christians face in their lives. Whether you are struggling with a certain spiritual issue or trying to understand a given verse in the bible, GotQuestions.org has the relevant resources to help you. In addition, you can also browse certain categories such as the Top 20 most asked questions or search for questions under specific categories.

15 Newer Christian Movies You Should Watch

Confessions of a Prodigal Son Image

Looking for some new Christian faith based movies to watch? Here is a list of the top 15 new christian movies that have come out in the past few years. Enjoy and let us know some of your favorites?

Top New Christian Movies

1. Confessions of a Prodigal Son

The movie is a tale of Sean (Nathan Clarkson) who rebels the father (Kevin Sorbo) and leaves his home. Two years later as he is trying to figure out life on his own, he starts questioning his thoughts. Later, he is confronted with Darwin Harris, a professor. The professor challenges Sean and urges him to see the challenge in his life. Azen James features in the movie walking a dangerous path and another young beautiful woman by the name Rachael Lee is on a journey to finding answers. The movie is acted by “Lighting the dark Producers”.

2. The Jesus Revolution

God’s move sweeps a country amidst 1960’s. There is turmoil and the generation is at risk. Jesus is the only answer. The movie has been called different names. Some call it “a miracle” while others call it “Hope”. It has been produced by the Erwin Brothers.

3. Beyond the Mask

Will Reynolds (mercenary for British East India Company) is on the run in the American Colonies. He is trying his best to revive the affection he once had with a woman he was never truthful to. He hides behind a new mask hoping to thwart his employer. He races against time trying to gain trust and help from Charlotte and Ben Franklin. This film brings a life history within a faith-filled setting. The true freedom, grace and liberty that can only be found in Christ become the prime celebration. The film has been acted by Burns Family Studios Producers.

4. The Good Book

The movie tells stories of the New Testament that is passed from individual to individual. The young, old, poor and the rich are all involved. It finally brings hope to all the strangers at a time when they desperately need it. It is produced by Mainstreet

5. Do You Believe?

This movie reminds us all about a question we should always ask ourselves and others – Do we believe? A dozen of people moving in different directions meet and they all are longing for something. They later discover the immense power in the Cross of Christ.

A local pastor ignites a faith-fueled journey that impacts people in various ways after being challenged by a visible faith of a street corner preacher. The film is produced by Pure Flix.

6. Redeemed

Paul Tyson (Ted McGinley) is a father, loving husband, and a great businessman. His life takes a sharp turn when he is about to make a big deal in his business. A beautiful breathtaking lady (Ana Ayora) is sent to manage the buy-out of Paul Tyson’s company. Their relationship goes further than Paul could think. In the midst of all these, one question remains – What is adultery?

The film is produced by Pure Flix Entertainment.

7. Hero

Joe Finn is a local legend in baseball but a terrible husband and father. He returns home after being away for seven years with the hope of making everything right with his son and his dying wife. He uses a little league since that is the only thing he is good at. Things turn out against him as the community threatens to get rid of the team. In his late struggles, one question remains: Are seven years too late to redeem the mess of his own making?

The film is produced by Advent Film Group

8. Holy Ghost

The film reveals the wonders of God. How he is far more alive and active than we think. Darren Wilson sets out on a journey that is led by the Holy Spirit. He goes wherever the spirit leads him. Whether it is to the oldest town in the world or the riches of Monte Carlo, he follows everything as he discovers God’s adventure for him. The film is one of the most exciting yet so challenging. The film is produced by “Wanderlust.”

9. A Matter of Faith

Rachael Whitaker is a Christian girl who has been raised in God-fearing family. After joining college, she gets influenced by a biology professor (Harry Anderson) who explains that evolution has all the answers concerning the origin of life. Rachael’s father notices the change of behavior in her daughter. He gets very concerned and tries to take the necessary action. The producers of the film are “Five & Two Pictures.”

10. Brother’s Keeper

Pete plans to tie the knot with the love of his life (Maggie) and sets off for a seminar so as to become a preacher. Pete also has a brother, Andy, who is a rebel at heart and has no plan at all for his future. Shockingly, Pete is framed for killing Maggie and thrown into jail. Andy organizes a desperate plan to save his brother by helping him escape from jail. This move alters their lives for good. The film is produced by “Desert Wind Films.”

11. Hope Bridge

After committing suicide, Jackson (Booboo Stewart) decides the find the reason behind his father’s shocking decision. Eric (Kevin Sorbo), a counselor at Jackson’s school decides to help him in his grief. The two are also accompanied by Sophie (Rebecca Robles), a girl troubled by her own past. In the process, Jackson walks down a road in a decades-old secret that could negatively impact his life. Even though things fall apart, Jackson’s quest for answers grows even more. Will Jackson continue with the journey?

The producers of this film are the “Infuse Pictures.”

12. Faith of Our Fathers

Two loving fathers report for duty during the raging Vietnam War in 1969. One is a man of great faith and the other is a doubtful cynic. The two sons of these fathers, Wayne and John Paul meet as strangers and set on a journey to the Wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is in Washington, DC. On their way, they discover that the devastation caused by war cannot break the love of a father for his son. The film has been produced by “Pure Flix Entertainment”

13. Noble

The film features the story of Irish heroine who manages to escape the hostile slums of Ireland and without fear, risks her life through the streets of Vietnam. She is the winner of several film festival awards in the U.S. The film, directed by Stephen Bradley is raw, powerful and very captivating. The film producers are the “Aspiration Media.”

14. David and Goliath

This is one of the best bible-based films. It is shot in North Africa and various parts of London. It tells of a man of great faith who once defeated a giant in the Philistine Army after going against all the odds. Many pastors supported the events of this film. It was produced by David and Goliath.

15. Refuge from the Storm

The film is a true story of Linda (Kristen Quantrill) who is from a very wealthy family. Her life gets out of control due the influence of spiritual forces. She meets Steve (Michael Madsen) while working in a club owned by Katrine (Jane Santos). Linda sees Katrine’s life in a different angle and fearlessly conquers the darkness in her life. Katrine’s life gets changed and the impact spreads to many individuals. The spiritual awakening shows the goodness of God even in the worst life situations.

Beyond the Mask Movie Trailer

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