15 Newer Christian Movies You Should Watch

Confessions of a Prodigal Son Image

Looking for some new Christian faith based movies to watch? Here is a list of the top 15 new christian movies that have come out in the past few years. Enjoy and let us know some of your favorites?

Top New Christian Movies

1. Confessions of a Prodigal Son

The movie is a tale of Sean (Nathan Clarkson) who rebels the father (Kevin Sorbo) and leaves his home. Two years later as he is trying to figure out life on his own, he starts questioning his thoughts. Later, he is confronted with Darwin Harris, a professor. The professor challenges Sean and urges him to see the challenge in his life. Azen James features in the movie walking a dangerous path and another young beautiful woman by the name Rachael Lee is on a journey to finding answers. The movie is acted by “Lighting the dark Producers”.

2. The Jesus Revolution

God’s move sweeps a country amidst 1960’s. There is turmoil and the generation is at risk. Jesus is the only answer. The movie has been called different names. Some call it “a miracle” while others call it “Hope”. It has been produced by the Erwin Brothers.

3. Beyond the Mask

Will Reynolds (mercenary for British East India Company) is on the run in the American Colonies. He is trying his best to revive the affection he once had with a woman he was never truthful to. He hides behind a new mask hoping to thwart his employer. He races against time trying to gain trust and help from Charlotte and Ben Franklin. This film brings a life history within a faith-filled setting. The true freedom, grace and liberty that can only be found in Christ become the prime celebration. The film has been acted by Burns Family Studios Producers.

4. The Good Book

The movie tells stories of the New Testament that is passed from individual to individual. The young, old, poor and the rich are all involved. It finally brings hope to all the strangers at a time when they desperately need it. It is produced by Mainstreet

5. Do You Believe?

This movie reminds us all about a question we should always ask ourselves and others – Do we believe? A dozen of people moving in different directions meet and they all are longing for something. They later discover the immense power in the Cross of Christ.

A local pastor ignites a faith-fueled journey that impacts people in various ways after being challenged by a visible faith of a street corner preacher. The film is produced by Pure Flix.

6. Redeemed

Paul Tyson (Ted McGinley) is a father, loving husband, and a great businessman. His life takes a sharp turn when he is about to make a big deal in his business. A beautiful breathtaking lady (Ana Ayora) is sent to manage the buy-out of Paul Tyson’s company. Their relationship goes further than Paul could think. In the midst of all these, one question remains – What is adultery?

The film is produced by Pure Flix Entertainment.

7. Hero

Joe Finn is a local legend in baseball but a terrible husband and father. He returns home after being away for seven years with the hope of making everything right with his son and his dying wife. He uses a little league since that is the only thing he is good at. Things turn out against him as the community threatens to get rid of the team. In his late struggles, one question remains: Are seven years too late to redeem the mess of his own making?

The film is produced by Advent Film Group

8. Holy Ghost

The film reveals the wonders of God. How he is far more alive and active than we think. Darren Wilson sets out on a journey that is led by the Holy Spirit. He goes wherever the spirit leads him. Whether it is to the oldest town in the world or the riches of Monte Carlo, he follows everything as he discovers God’s adventure for him. The film is one of the most exciting yet so challenging. The film is produced by “Wanderlust.”

9. A Matter of Faith

Rachael Whitaker is a Christian girl who has been raised in God-fearing family. After joining college, she gets influenced by a biology professor (Harry Anderson) who explains that evolution has all the answers concerning the origin of life. Rachael’s father notices the change of behavior in her daughter. He gets very concerned and tries to take the necessary action. The producers of the film are “Five & Two Pictures.”

10. Brother’s Keeper

Pete plans to tie the knot with the love of his life (Maggie) and sets off for a seminar so as to become a preacher. Pete also has a brother, Andy, who is a rebel at heart and has no plan at all for his future. Shockingly, Pete is framed for killing Maggie and thrown into jail. Andy organizes a desperate plan to save his brother by helping him escape from jail. This move alters their lives for good. The film is produced by “Desert Wind Films.”

11. Hope Bridge

After committing suicide, Jackson (Booboo Stewart) decides the find the reason behind his father’s shocking decision. Eric (Kevin Sorbo), a counselor at Jackson’s school decides to help him in his grief. The two are also accompanied by Sophie (Rebecca Robles), a girl troubled by her own past. In the process, Jackson walks down a road in a decades-old secret that could negatively impact his life. Even though things fall apart, Jackson’s quest for answers grows even more. Will Jackson continue with the journey?

The producers of this film are the “Infuse Pictures.”

12. Faith of Our Fathers

Two loving fathers report for duty during the raging Vietnam War in 1969. One is a man of great faith and the other is a doubtful cynic. The two sons of these fathers, Wayne and John Paul meet as strangers and set on a journey to the Wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which is in Washington, DC. On their way, they discover that the devastation caused by war cannot break the love of a father for his son. The film has been produced by “Pure Flix Entertainment”

13. Noble

The film features the story of Irish heroine who manages to escape the hostile slums of Ireland and without fear, risks her life through the streets of Vietnam. She is the winner of several film festival awards in the U.S. The film, directed by Stephen Bradley is raw, powerful and very captivating. The film producers are the “Aspiration Media.”

14. David and Goliath

This is one of the best bible-based films. It is shot in North Africa and various parts of London. It tells of a man of great faith who once defeated a giant in the Philistine Army after going against all the odds. Many pastors supported the events of this film. It was produced by David and Goliath.

15. Refuge from the Storm

The film is a true story of Linda (Kristen Quantrill) who is from a very wealthy family. Her life gets out of control due the influence of spiritual forces. She meets Steve (Michael Madsen) while working in a club owned by Katrine (Jane Santos). Linda sees Katrine’s life in a different angle and fearlessly conquers the darkness in her life. Katrine’s life gets changed and the impact spreads to many individuals. The spiritual awakening shows the goodness of God even in the worst life situations.

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