5 Christian Websites You Should Know About

Christianity involves a lot of theological and biblical perspectives, some of which involves several thoughts. Christians have a calling to believe in God and live in a way that reflects the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. In order to connect and share their values, they need to have a fulfilling online presence. This is why there are several Christian websites today. The following are some of the sites that any Christian will find very useful.

1. ChristianCafe.com

ChristianCafe.com is a website that is committed to helping Christian singles find their match. It is easy to join and start browsing. All you need is to create your free profile and have the necessary details in place. The site provides an online platform through which Christian singles view profiles of each other, chat and connect. It is possible to make long-term friendship and relationships. There is a lot to explore in the site beyond friendship and romance. In the midst of living in faith and trying to also maintain an active social life, Christians normally find a challenge in meeting their soulmates.

2. Crosswalk.com

Crosswalk.com is the ultimate online destination that offers a wide variety of rich online content in order to empower Christians in their walk. It touches on several dimensions of life such as marriage, parenting, culture, church, faith, daily devotions, music, studying the bible among others. One of the ways through which the site touches peoples’ lives is by teaching them about the practical areas of life. It also helps those that are going through financial crisis or them that are poor in spirituality to overcome their challenges. Unlike other Christian sites, crosswalk also touches on fun.

Rejuvenate your Christian life by visiting crosswalk.com in order to access life-enhancing and compelling content. It touches on several life aspects that are worth considering for anyone that desires to grow in faith and live a righteous life.

3. Focusonthefamily.com

There are several controversies surrounding Christianity in the modern world setting. A family forms the most fundamental unit of the society and the whole world. When the family is destroyed, the society and the world at large are threatened. In order to help families thrive in the modern world while upholding the Christian values and firmly being rooted to the biblical principles, focusonthefamily.com provides resources and support to families. The site focuses on the family by helping couples raise their kids in a way that reflect the will and fear of God. It also offers practical resources such as counseling services and a family-help line number. The areas of major focus include parenting, marriage, challenges of life, faith, social issues, pro-life and many more.

The impact created by this site on the society cannot be ignored. In one way or another, our life is greatly influenced by the nature of our families. When the foundation of any family is established on the principles and teachings of God, then the beauty and blessings of loving God manifest in that family. This is why focusonthefamily.com should top your list of Christian websites.

4. ChristianPost.com

ChristianPost.com is a leading news publication site. Launched in 2004, the website delivers comprehensive Christian news and information across the globe without discriminating any religion. For 7 days in a week, you can always be sure to get live updates on matters involving church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, Christian leaders, schools and other general spiritual related issues.

I highly recommend this site for those that are interesting in viewing news covering national and international Christian events. The entire group affirms its faith in one eternal God, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

5. GotQuestions.org

It is normal to desire to get answers to certain questions in your Christian journey. Salvation is wide and touches on political, social and economic aspects of life. Therefore, you won’t have a clear understanding of all spiritual matters. This is why GotQuestions.org comes in to help Christians across the globe find answers to spiritually-related questions. The site is a volunteer ministry consisting of trained servants that are well equipped in matters relating to the understanding of God, scripture, and salvation. Whenever a Christian posts his question, the dedicated servants do a thorough research, pray and answer the question biblically. All answers are reviewed in order to ensure that the biblical and theological standards are met.

This site is very important as it plays a great role in ending the dilemma that most Christians face in their lives. Whether you are struggling with a certain spiritual issue or trying to understand a given verse in the bible, GotQuestions.org has the relevant resources to help you. In addition, you can also browse certain categories such as the Top 20 most asked questions or search for questions under specific categories.