Traditional and Christian-Friendly Wedding Venues of Birmingham, Michigan

In the state of Michigan, Christian traditions are deep ingrained. There is a lot that goes into making the big an excellent day for you, and if a traditionally Christian ceremony is important to you and your intended, you can be sure to achieve just that while living in this state. In this article, we will list a few Birmingham, Michigan wedding venues that cater to those who wish for a Christian wedding, as well as a traditional one.

The first venue we will cover is the Silver Garden Events Center. This small venue is located right outside of Detroit, and has a wonderful modern feel. The Mystic Ballroom is the largest room at Shiners Silver Garden, and it has amazing sound and a professional lighting setup. The second in terms of sizing is The Grande Ballroom, which has an 18×32 foot dance floor. It can house 280 guests for dinner. A bar is also placed for you and your wedding attendees across from the lobby. The gazebo and garden is a beautiful place as well for a traditional and Christian wedding. Weather depending, you can have the tasteful and lovely outdoor wedding you have always dreamed of.

The Townsend Hotel banquet hall is also a fantastic place to host Christian nuptials. For feeding your guests during the reception, you can count on the extraordinary catering team that is available at this venue. Each culinary creation served is elaborate, as well as personal to you and your intended.

Farian’s Banquet Center is another full service facility for your consideration. The walls are made up of huge mirrors, created with an amazing design inside and out. On the outside of the building, a white wooden fence and abundant flowers provide ambiance you can use for photographs if you wish. This venue can accommodate anywhere from fifty to two hundred guests for each wedding celebration. A variety of packages are also available to meet the needs of your traditionally Christian wedding. The buffet package is a great one, including salads, entrees, and many more fantastic dishes. Advantages to booking at this location for your union include handicap accessible grounds, wireless internet, and a planning service.